Blue Stream Fiber

Top 10 Fastest Growing Telecom Companies To Watch In 2022

The pandemic increased internet dependency at an unimaginable rate. Offices
shifted to remote work scenarios; education too became online. Homes got a
makeover, as they accommodated schools, colleges, and offices in their premises.
Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet, became the buzzwords.
There was a growing demand for the need for internet services that could offer
speed and reliability through one service provider.
Enter Blue Stream Fiber with its salient features like symmetrical internet speeds (same download and upload speed) U[S1]p to 10 Gig – that’s 10 times faster as compared to a standard connection.
Implying no more buffering, bandwidth issues, signal degradation, and even
potential security breaches. Issues that are quite common with older technologies.
“Blue Stream Fiber is driving outsized growth by providing residential
customers with the reliability, customer service, and ongoing support
normally reserved for the biggest enterprise businesses. Our goal was to be
the ISP that treats residential broadband as a critical service for
consumers!” says Joe Canavan, CEO

This is our journey – from being a startup to becoming the best internet service
provider in Florida.

Forty years ago, Blue Stream Fiber entered the business and serviced Florida with
amazing TV, Internet, and Phone products. They are the best in the state.
However, that is not the only reason why people choose them.

Blue Stream Fiber has constructed its advanced fiber network to deliver an
innovative range of products supported by “best-in-class customer service.”
The team operates with a clear mission – Locally-based implies acting locally.
The Blue Stream Fiber team takes pride in thinking and acting from their
customers’ perspective, knowing that their customer can be their neighbor, friend,
or even their family.

Keeping that pride in mind, the team is passionate about and dedicated to
delivering the most reliable services to their neighbors and customers that will
enrich the lives of their customers as they offer network redundancy to keep their
customers online, all backed by their unmatched local service team.
“When you need us, our customer service and technical support team members in
Coral Springs, Indiantown, Orlando, and Port St. Lucie are ready to assist you,”
said Joe Canavan.

With the internet dependency on WiFi at an all-time high, the trends also
showcase rising dependency on the internet. With this growing dependence on
the internet and the dependence on reliable services, there will be a need for
whole-home mesh WiFi systems and deployments.

At Blue Stream Fiber, the team has leveraged Mesh WiFi service for over three
years and has seen tremendous increases in customer satisfaction and a
decrease in service calls. With IoT also becoming more common and accessible,
mesh WiFi systems will be needed to support these patterns.
The team majorly interacts with homeowner association presidents and with
ownership groups of multi-tenant buildings. And reliability improvement is the main
concern along with video networks and good value in return. Blue Stream Fiber
specializes in designing and deploying FTTH networks, connecting the residents
via mesh WiFi systems. The result is unmatched reliability levels.

The team then focuses on controlling the building costs while reducing the
customer service costs; Blue Stream Fiber offers incredible value to residents.
Elaborating on their statement ‘Fast speeds, local service, and peace of mind,’
Joe Canavan said, “Reliability is at the core of everything Blue Stream Fiber
provides. To create that reliability, we only offer services with industry-leading
products, including best-of-breed PON (passive optical network) networks from
Calix and whole-home mesh WiFi from Plume. The combination of the two
provides unmatched reliability from a last-mile standpoint and the best in-home
WiFi reliability and coverage for the last 30 feet.

“Furthermore, the Plume Mesh network allows us to continuously adjust the
in-home WiFi environment to account for changes in bandwidth usage. This
formula makes for the very best reliability, speed, and peace of mind! We
back that up with a 100% US-based team for call-in and in-person customer
support backed by contractual service guarantees. No national provider will
support customers like this, period!”

One of the prominent case studies, which Joe Canavan mentioned, is of the
Herons Glen Homeowner Association, which had an aging legacy HFC network.
The prior providers refused to upgrade.

Blue Stream Fiber helped them design and deploy an FTTH network that allowed
residents to get speeds up to 10 Gbps. It was not all; Blue Stream Fiber also gave
99.999% reliability for the core network and ensured that more than 99% of
residents got the speed they had paid for.

A huge change for the community, especially throughout the pandemic. Residents
were finally connecting to the most mattered issues on reliable networks with the
coverage and the speeds needed to support increased bandwidth needs because
of covid and additional connected IoT devices added daily.

Talking about how Blue Stream Fiber is thwarting market competition, Canavan
said that their customer-centric approach works well for them. Offering services
that work, proactive monitoring, and fast recovery – every process is about the
customers and for the customers.

The future is bright for this ISP. They recently completed their expansion across
Florida and are venturing into Texas and the Carolinas, where there is a huge
demand for reliable ISPs.
Canavan concluded by emphasizing consumer needs. On par with enterprise,
connectivity is at the heart of what Blue Stream Fiber delivers, treating consumer
connectivity with the importance it deserves – an approach that drives our rapid