Top 10 Fastest Growing Artificial Intelligence Companies To Watch In 2022

Artificial Intelligence is one of the revolutionary technologies at the core. While it can help many businesses to
scale up their operations, it also has the power to topple over any business. Organizations that have been able to
positively leverage the power of AI have become phenomenally successful in the market.

Achievion is one such organization.

Backed by the statement – Achieve the impossible with the power of AI – Achievion promises to deliver smart
AI-powered web and mobile solutions. These solutions help organizations achieve previously impossible goals
and keep them ahead of their competitors.

Founded in 2013, Achievion was based on two major principles:
1. Designing elegant solutions for complex technical problems: “We understand the power of simplicity and
want to make sure that each new product we design is for the long-term success ground up.”
2. Help every product win: “We achieve (hence Achievion) this principle by focusing on the entire end-to-end
delivery process in opposition to the development phase alone.”
But this is not all. The company has five pillars of belief named ‘our manifestos.’ The five pillars include—
1. Anything is Possible with AI
2. Generate ideas to add business value to the product
3. Come up with elegant solutions to complex problems
4. Become a reliable partner to the client
5. Work hard but Work Smart

“Our practical applications of AI create disruptive new products and enhance existing business systems. We

leverage AI technologies to take your company to a whole new level of intelligent automation.” Says Alex
Jacome, CEO.
Achievion does all this with its branded delivery process that allows them to make these principles a reality.
With this process in place, Achievion has designed and delivered sophisticated web platforms and smart mobile
apps for its clients in various sectors and industries, including Healthcare, Entertainment, Non-Profit, and
Talking about the current trends that will impact artificial intelligence, Alex Jacome revealed that conversational
AI would see significant growth in size.
“It will triple from $6.8 billion to $18.4 billion. We have built our chatbot solution to assist businesses with
needs,” said Alex Jacome.
Another trend that will impact the artificial intelligence arena is Ethical AI. Citing the 2019 Edelman Trust
Barometer report, Alex Jacome revealed that more than 80% of consumers were loyal to ethical organizations.
In addition, more than 90% of the consumers whose Salesforce surveyed for its Ethical Leadership and
The business survey said that organizations must make sure that they positively impact society.

These sentiments of consumers about business ethics form the foundation for Ethical AI. Ethical AI is a
relatively new concept and takes on the ethics involved in using artificial intelligence by both businesses and

“Achievion is part of the government Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC) group that
focuses on developing AI standards and making recommendations for methods to increase efficiency and reduce
cost using cutting-edge AI solutions.” Says Alex Jacome, CEO.

Owing to their expertise in delivering AI-powered solutions, the team Achievion was invited to be an active
participant in the group operation. Alex Jacome has joined the board of ATARC as an important member. was
formed with the goals of

Developing the AI playbook to help federal agencies successfully delivering of AI-powered initiatives
Not only defining AI sub-categories but also developing best practices for each one
Identifying the best contract vehicles, the government can use to procure AI/ML services, products, and

In short, ATARC has developed the standard for building ethical and explainable AI.
While all this is under Ethical AI, Alex Jacome pointed out that the Enterprise metaverse will become a reality due to. Achievion has developed vast expertise in the AI-powered Computer Vision area, and the team is ready to assist organizations with leveraging this technology and preparing for the future.
Speaking about the challenges faced by AI space and how Achievion is addressing those issues effectively, Alex Jacome said, “Only 50% of AI projects succeed. However, our ACHIEVE process allows increasing this number
to 90%.”

Our ACHIEVE process comprises seven steps, and they are as follows:
Analyze the business model and assemble system requirements.
Chart the course through strategy and roadmap development.
Harness expertise in data exploration and prepare technical specifications
Incorporate intelligence and elegance into UX/UI design.
Excel and outclass in product development and ML model training.
Verify and validate through extensive testing.
Ensure product success with a warranty and ongoing maintenance and support.

Further, Alex Jacome said, “AI projects are ravenous for data. If a company doesn’t have access to large
datasets, it becomes impossible to achieve good accuracy with AI engine training. The synthetic data
generation process helps overcome this limitation. We will continue to improve our AI toolset to leverage this
approach and help companies that lack the massive amount of data come up with solid AI solutions.”
Achievion goes by the statement – Achieving the impossible with the power of AI. And in that regard,
Achievion Solutions delivers intelligent web and mobile solutions powered by AI to help organizations achieve previously impossible goals.

“Our AI-focused delivery process – ACHIEVE – ensures the success of every AI project. And our AI Accuracy The guarantee provides an extra level of confidence in the final product. We offer the following services – AI Strategy Consulting, AI Product Development, and AI Enablement. Add a brief description for each,” said Alex Jacome. Elaborating, Alex Jacome said. “AI is a large discipline, and we focus on the following areas and solutions:

Conversational & Human Interaction (chatbots, voice assistants, NLP)
Computer Vision & Recognition (object and text recognition, gesture detection, synthetic data
Predictive Analytics (forecasting, behavior prediction, intelligent data search)
Hyper-personalization (personalized product or service matching, content generation)
Pattern & Anomaly Detection (fraud detection, risk analysis, intelligent monitoring)
Goal-Driven Systems (scenario simulation, resource optimization, problem-solving).

Some of the prominent case studies include

Document categorization service for Document Management systems in the construction industry.
Novel drug allergy, non-response, and side effects prediction based on ML algorithms.
In the two case studies, Alex Jacome said, “In the first case study, our cloud-based solution achieved 98%
accuracy in the classification of both hand-written and typed documents. It significantly reduced the manual burden on the end-users and brought client software to the next technological level powered by AI. And in the second case study, our AI-powered software increased the treatment efficiency of several widely spread diseases by decreasing the side effects risk.”