10 Most Innovative Data Center Companies to Watch

Editors Note

We were all hit by the pandemic-driven lockdown for nearly two years, but the blurry lines started becoming clearer as we came closer to 2022. The lockdown taught us more than ever the world’s dependability on data centers to keep things running backend. Whether at home or in the office, every business worldwide runs on the cloud and virtual servers, making it imperative to have physical data centers running better than before.

Optimally functioning data centers are more than only staying in touch with the day-to-day functionalities. It is about optimizing your network and future-proofing operations against unexpected and expected forces. If we look at the broader picture, the market is set to grow at a CAGR of nearly 10.5% between 2021 – 2030, with over $517 billion in valuation by 2030.

Modern-day businesses require 100% scalability and reliability to survive. The increasing business demand has led to a steady increase in data centers worldwide. Data centers are designed to centralize shared IT operations and equipment and enable a robust digital infrastructure. Amid increasing demand to set up data centers, real estate investment in data center construction is the hottest pick in the US. With the advancement in multi-cloud computing, the shift from on-premises setups to the virtual network-based data center is driving the global data-center growth trajectory.

The entire data center market is categorized and fragmented into hyper-scale, colocation, edge, and others. From small to large-scale organizations, from BFSI to healthcare, manufacturing to energy & utilities, every industry needs data centers to run its operations seamlessly irrespective of geography.

Through this segment, we will present the leading data center companies in the world and their contribution to making the world more digital-friendly. They are constantly innovating and disrupting the data center space with their ability to look at the future. From going green to focusing on security, managing small data, big data, AI, and distributed enterprise models, every organization has adapted to the new normal and is here to make a difference.

We hope through this segment, you will get a quick insight into the kind of company you would like to engage or collaborate with and create a seamless integration between the past and the future. We hope you enjoy reading this segment as much as we enjoyed penning it down for you.

Adaptive Computing

Arthur Allen - CEO The company’s mission is to enhance performance, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Our products bring higher levels of decision, control, and self-optimization to the challenges of deploying and managing large and complex IT environments, resulting in an accelerated business performance at a reduced cost.


Paul Zaidins - CEO Founded in 1974, DataSpan is a national technology solutions provider that helps our customers accomplish more with fewer resources. Our core solutions are IT physical infrastructure, data center IT services, and storage.


Charles J. Meyers - CEO Equinix is the world’s digital infrastructure company™, enabling digital leaders to harness a trusted platform to bring together and interconnect the foundational infrastructure that powers their success. Equinix enables today’s businesses to access all the right places, partners and possibilities they need to accelerate advantage. With Equinix, they can scale with agility, speed the launch of digital services, deliver world-class experiences and multiply their value.


Scott Deen - President FedTek has celebrated 25 years of providing total network solutions to the Federal Information Technology marketplace. FedTek understands the changing world of technology and how it applies to the Federal Government. We offer a wide array of information technology (IT) products and services ranging from infrastructure management software to mass storage devices.


Arvind Bhargava - CEO

As a leader in rack integration solutions, Racklive offers a full suite of services from pre-deployment data center site surveys, and field deployment services to customizable global support services. Our team of engineering and manufacturing experts leverages strategic technology partners to deliver the most optimized turnkey data center solutions to meet the demands of tomorrow.


Kevin T. Hart - CEO

Segra is one of the largest independent fiber infrastructure bandwidth companies in the Eastern U.S. It owns and operates an advanced fiber infrastructure network throughout nine Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern states. Segra provides Ethernet, MPLS, dark fiber, advanced data center services, IP and managed services, voice and cloud solutions, all backed by its industry-leading service and reliability.

Sunbird Software

Sunbird Software is changing the way data centers are being managed. With a focus on real user scenarios for real customer problems, we help data center operators manage tasks and processes faster and more efficient than ever before, while saving costs and improving availability.

Tectrade - A CSI Group Company

Nick Westall - CTO

Tectrade is an award-winning Managed Service Cloud Provider with global reach. Specialists in evaluating environments that are critical to our clients operation, removing any inefficiencies and assisting them to move to a modern streamlined solution, we can completely remove any pressure of managing the data going forward – it’s all on us.


Brian Strong - CEO

Since 2016, we've remained the best IT service provider through genuine customer care, excellent operations, & reliable technology. Our fully redundant data center in Knoxville, TN is move-in ready. Secure your business with us today.