The Microsoft Gold Competency and its benefits


Gold Competency is the highest level of membership that Microsoft offers to its partners in the Microsoft Partner Network. It is designed to help companies deliver the best work for their clients by providing software, training, marketing and support that can help grow their business and meet the needs of their clients. Being a Gold Competency certified partner increases the business’ credibility for potential clientele and enables current clients to gain better service.

There are numerous benefits given to Gold Competency Partners; this is why there is an increasing amount of companies striving to gain a Gold Competency certification. Being a Gold member gives you the following benefits:

Better Networking: Being a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner means that you are in the top 1% of Microsoft’s Partnership Network. This title gives your company an edge to win potential clients. Your company is also listed in Microsoft’s online customer directories, which expands your company’s visibility to others.
Improved Resources: Your company will gain access to different support selections that can help with various technical problems efficiently. This includes an unlimited support forum, RSC, Signature Cloud Support (for Cloud/Hybrid competencies), Advisory Services (50 Advisory hours), MPN Concierge, and Business Critical Support (20 occasions).
100 Internal Use Rights: Gold Competency-certified partners are given access to up to 100 internal-use rights software licenses per product. You can choose any combination of on-premise software and online services to suit your needs.
Saves Time and Money: It helps your company save time by increasing productivity. This partnership qualifies you for other offers and incentives that save you money. Your company also gains access to free or low-cost marketing resources that make your software company efficient at its job.

Free/Low-cost Training: Microsoft offers free or low-cost training for your employees with the latest Microsoft software. This builds upon the skills your team already has and lets your staff reach their full potential through learning.
Find Prodigious Employees: By using Microsoft Connections, your company can find new employees and bring in exceptional talent, thus adding expertise to your team.

Gold membership not only helps your business but your clients as well. By having this membership:

You are proving to customers that you can address technical issues efficiently. A business with a Gold Competency not only gains a faster delivery to their clients but also consistent improvement within their software delivery process.
Your company gains the necessary expertise on the newest Microsoft technology and can skillfully meet your customers’ needs.
If your company builds its own software using the latest Microsoft technologies, you should strive to obtain the Gold Application Development Competency certification simply because of how much you can benefit from it. This membership shows others the level of your expertise and commitment to your business as a software company. Becoming a Gold Application Development Competency-certified partner in the Microsoft Partner Network will help your company reach its full potential in a cost-effective and productive way.

Committing to a Microsoft membership can consume time and money. Fortunately, Partner Certification Services (PCS) can help you to achieve the Gold Application Development Competency certification in just a few months! PCS can assist your company to achieve this certification so you can start saving and take advantage of the MPN benefits to help you grow your business.