Sony debuts first PS5 controller for disabled gamers


Sony has teamed up with accessibility experts to release a PlayStation 5 controller for disabled gamers.

The Access Controller is a "highly customizable kit" of different buttons, triggers, and sticks that lets players create a set-up that suits their needs.

Microsoft's Adaptive Controller, which can be used on Xbox and PC, has been on the market since 2018.

But this is the first device to be specifically designed by Sony for the PS5.

"The idea is that you unbox it and you can start using it right away as a PlayStation controller," Alvin Daniel, Senior Technical Program Manager at Sony Interactive Entertainment,

"To the extent that this works for you and is comfortable for you, there is no need for you to purchase additional third-party accessories and buttons and wire it all together.

"We wanted an all-inclusive kit in a box."

But designing accessibility products is a massive task, as every disabled person's impairment is unique to them, and gaming technology is always evolving.

Sony's plan to tackle this problem is through customization - making it possible for each person to tailor the solution to their requirements.

Mr Daniel said the firm had teamed up with accessibility experts AbleGamers in the US to solve that problem.

"When they came up with their bespoke solutions for various players, they would inevitably try to address three issues - the thumbsticks, pressing buttons, or having to hold the controller.

"If you have challenges in those three areas, this controller will help regardless of your underlying condition."