How Segra Provides Cybersecurity Solutions to Enterprise Businesses


How Segra Provides Cybersecurity Solutions to Enterprise Businesses

It’s high time we talked about security. In the growing digital landscape, cyberattacks have become more prevalent, more sophisticated, and more damaging. For businesses that rely on a strong working network, the cost of a cyberattack has never been higher. In 2021, IBM estimated organizations spend more than $4 million on average for each ransomware attack or security breach. Monitoring the fast-moving trends in cybercrime can be overwhelming and leave you feeling like your organization is helpless to stop an impending attack. 

The good news is that there are network security solutions that relieve organizations of the burden of constant vigilance. Network services provider Segra, a broad-footprint networking, cloud, fiber, and data operator, manages a robust suite of security solutions that guard against network outages from all angles. Total network security requires an active and multi-layered approach, and there are a few key services to keep in mind when considering how to shield your business infrastructure from today’s advanced threats and tomorrow’s evolving tactics.

Holistic Security

The fallout from a security breach puts multiple layers of stress on business operations and an organization’s network. Downtime forces a pause in the normal course of business, financial losses accrue, and valuable IT resources get bogged down in recovering from network outages. Because cyberattacks have become so varied and sophisticated, they should be met with a holistic security system with several layers of protection. Segra has dedicated significant resources to building a dedicated private network and providing secure connectivity to enterprise businesses of all kinds. Each security layer performs a vital function, ensuring the integrity of the whole network.  


Segra takes data protection seriously, and that’s why Segra’s Firewall Protection service leads the industry as a next-generation security solution. Configured and scaled to the specific needs of each business, Segra’s hosted firewall protection guards all network traffic, identifies threats, and applies security policies to block malicious actions and provide insight into network usage. The cloud-based service delivers quick activation, detection, and response from a safe data center environment. Hosting a firewall with Segra also provides significant savings on costs and resources to businesses that need to protect large networks, shifting the burden of continuous software maintenance and hardware obsolesce away from the business.


Some of the most frequent and damaging cyberattacks come in the form of distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attacks that flood networks with traffic and crash them due to bandwidth overload. A volumetric attack could be in the form of an Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)/User Datagram Protocol (UDP) packet flood, a spoofed packet flood or malformed packet flood. A DDoS attack can be especially harmful to an organization not only for the effect of an outage but the costs that rack up from the high volume of activity. They are designed to inflict a complete outage, degrade service, or make way for more threats, and are occurring at an alarming frequency. Even more troubling is that many customers end up paying providers for the bandwidth that delivers such potentially dangerous Internet content.

Segra protects networks from these crippling attacks through a security framework of real-time prevention. Always-on filters scrub incoming traffic at high-volume entry points to inspect for malicious traffic. This traffic is immediately denied while legitimate activity is allowed through. Continually updating analytics provide insight and advanced detection to new DDoS attack strategies. Segra builds this protection framework to perform at high speed and low latency, so attacks are detected and negated immediately, without sacrificing network performance.  


With IT resources at a premium, it’s impossible for a business to have eyes on every threat that targets its network. One of the best active measures a business can take is to utilize a Security Operations Center as a Service, such as Segra’s expert-staffed team of advanced analysts, security engineers, threat hunters, and threat intelligence managers, to actively monitor devices on the network edge that are increasingly exposed by cybercriminals getting through traditional obstacles like firewalls and antivirus software. Cyberattacks are more advanced than ever before, and yesterday’s preventative tactics of simply using firewalls and antivirus software are no longer adequate. Malware can be delivered attached to emails, banner ads, or websites, and can provide access to a company’s network through an internal device. Intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS) alone are not enough.

Segra’s SOCaaS team levels up network security from a passive scan-and-detect process to a smart, active threat hunting initiative. Threats are detected earlier, attacks are dealt with quicker, and not a single internal IT resource has to be spared because Segra fully manages the service and the advanced hardware needed to run it without high-level enterprise investment. A true cloud-based solution, Segra’s SOCaaS offers enterprise-grade reliability, threat updates on an ongoing basis, and comes with turnkey deployment and no local on-premises hardware installation.

Total Security Solution Partner

Faced with multiple evolving threats, organizations should rethink their cybersecurity response to ensure they are armed with the ability to collect, correlate, and analyze security information from all IT systems within their networks.

Segra puts customers first and helps them build the network infrastructure that enables powerful growth. That’s why Segra’s security solutions focus on providing total cybersecurity to enterprise customers while relieving them of the stress of managing and maintaining complex systems. Complete security means complete peace of mind. That feeling helps drive businesses to excel with the knowledge that their network is at its safest, and no matter how much it grows, Segra’s solutions can scale quickly and adapt to greater security needs at any time.