Google, Meta Bid Millions for Hollywood Content as AI Licencing Race Heats Up


Google and Meta have reportedly joined OpenAI in the artificial intelligence (AI) content licensing war. OpenAI has been making numerous deals with news publishers and other websites to access their data to train its AI models. As per a report, Google and Meta have also entered the market to strike content licensing deals with Hollywood studios. It is said that the tech giants intend to use this database to train their video generation models. Notably, Google recently unveiled its AI video model Veo.

Google and Meta reportedly hold discussions with Hollywood Studios
According to a report by Bloomberg, both Google and Meta are trying to get access to the large content libraries of Hollywood studios to train their respective AI video models. While Google might want these partnerships for Veo, Meta has not publicly announced any such model. However, the report claims that the social media giant might be internally working on a video model.

Citing people familiar with the matter, the report highlighted that both companies have offered tens of millions of dollars to partner with studios. While the Hollywood studios are said to be interested in forging partnerships, they are also concerned about losing control of how the Silicon Valley giants will use their content.