Future Food System


The Future Food System is a productive, zero-waste eco-system that mimics nature. A group of us spent an incredible Friday night with the no-waste advocate and visionary himself; Joost Bakker eagerly learning about the house’s sustainable concepts and systems. From learning how soil is the foundation of life, how wicking beds that harvest rainwater is used for water throughout the home and back into a Worm Worx system that reuses the water for planting trees & growing plants; to reimagining the way we repurpose things such as straw, which was used to create building panels for Future Food System by Durra Panels. We can also save billions of trees by using straws to make things like toilet paper or copy paper! There were so many little but impactful and sustainable changes we can all make to create a better future for us all… so many that I can’t possibly capture it all in this little write-up.

It was also incredible to see elegant and carefully considered energy-saving and efficient laundry, cooking, and floorcare Miele appliances have been installed throughout The Future Food System to create the unique experience that the home brings today.

We then enjoyed an unbelievably intimate 3-hour dining and beverage experience where the uber-talented Matt Stone, Jo Barrett, and co. delighted our bellies from food harvested within the home. We enjoyed apples from the beautiful vertical garden, fish from the tanks, lions’ mane, pink oyster, king oyster, snowflake, and grey oyster mushrooms from the mushroom wall, and many other delicious treats!

Overall, a truly memorable Miele Moment. One that inspires me to do one thing each day to get a little closer to living a more sustainable life. Whether it’s recycling better, limiting plastic usage, reusing, upcycling, home growing, or just being more energy and water consumption conscious – I encourage you to do your bit! Learn, read, watch and listen to these pioneers around us that are years ahead of our time. There are so many global concerns and solutions that we need to quickly become adept with and action.

Highly recommend booking a tour of the Future Food System or the intimately unique dining experience now before the pop-up ends and Joost relocates this masterpiece to become his mother’s beautifully sustainable new home.