Central Banking Digital Currency Masterclass 2021.


CIOInsights is an official Media Partner with Central Banking Digital Currency Masterclass 2021.

Tremendous Interest in Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) has grown in response to changes in payments, finance and technology, as well as the disruption caused by Covid-19 pandemic. An increasing number of countries and central banks are assessing CBDCs and will put them into practice.

While CBDC promises increased efficiency and lower costs, improved access to financial services, and greater transparency and accountability in payment systems and financial flows, it also raises new risks and greater technical and regulatory complexity. As importantly, there will be significant business implications for commercial banks, and it’s important that commercial banks do not fall behind and that their business models are kept abreast the latest CBCD developments.

So how can commercial banks prepare for the new financial landscape? What are the implications for commercial banks with the emergence of CBDC? How can banks mitigate risks associated with CBDC rollout? How can financial institutions tap on the opportunities created by CBDC? How can commercial banks’ product & service offerings, business models evolve with the CBCD development? All these and more will be discussed at this MUST-ATTEND CBDC masterclass for all financial institutions! https://www.equip-global.com/central-bank-digital-currency-masterclass