Capitalizing on Open Banking Masterclass 2021


CIOInsights is an official media partner with Capitalizing on Open Banking Masterclass 2021.

he interest and appetite for open banking where consumers allow third-party providers to use the financial information and data held by their bank to inform new products & services using the likes of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) is growing exponentially. Open Banking creates enormous opportunities for banks to innovate, develop new and differentiated products and experiences, and tailor personalized banking solutions for various customer segments.

For banks to capitalize on the immense opportunities created by the open banking models and to ensure its strategy is successful and sustainable in a digital economy, banks need to have the knowledge and understanding on how to plan and implement an end-to-end digital architecture whilst overcoming challenges in putting in place a strategy that successfully monetize the opportunities created by the model.

How open banking works and how it can redefine your market strategy/ How can you effectively take advantage of open banking to develop profitable products & services? How can you tap on the open banking model to expand your product offering and improve customer experiences? How can develop an open banking strategy that helps streamline your processes and improve time to market? What risks are involved and how you can mitigate it? All these and more will be covered in this practical and case-study driven Open Banking Masterclass! Learn More