Apple to disclose AI plans later this year


Apple plans to disclose more about its plans to put generative artificial intelligence to use later this year, Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said during the company's annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday.
Cook said that the iPhone maker sees "incredible breakthrough potential for generative AI, which is why we're investing significantly in this area. We believe that will unlock transformative opportunities for users when it comes to productivity, problem-solving, and more."
Apple has been slower in rolling out generative AI, which can generate human-like responses to written prompts, than rivals such as Microsoft and Alphabet's Google which are weaving them into products.
On Wednesday, Cook argued that AI is already at work behind the scenes in Apple's products but said there would be more news on explicit AI features later this year. Bloomberg previously reported Apple plans to use AI to improve the ability to search through data stored on Apple devices.
"Every Mac powered by Apple silicon is an extraordinarily capable AI machine. There's no better computer for AI on the market today.
Apple shareholders on Wednesday rejected a measure asking the company to disclose more information about how it uses artificial intelligence in its business and its ethical guidelines for the technology.