AMD introduces AI chips for business laptops and desktops


Advanced Micro Devices unveiled a new series of semiconductors for artificial intelligence-enabled business laptops and desktops on Tuesday as the chip designer looks to expand its share of the lucrative "AI PC" market.

These chips are expected to be available in platforms from HP and Lenovo starting in the second quarter of 2024, AMD said in a press release. AI-enabled PCs can run large-language models and apps powered by the technology directly on the device, instead of the cloud.
AMD said its latest Ryzen PRO 8040 Series was built for "business laptops and mobile workstations" while its AMD Ryzen PRO 8000 Series was a desktop processor for business users.
Its shares were up more than 2% in early trading.
Experts have pinned a possible recovery in the PC market on the introduction of AI PCs, as consumers look to upgrade their systems with the new capabilities.
The advent of generative AI technology has led to a towering demand for advanced semiconductors that can be used to develop and run complex AI programs.
In the market for AI PCs, AMD faces intense competition from Intel and AI chip front-runner Nvidia hailed as a leader in graphics processing units