3 Ways VMware is Making Life Easier for Partners


The launch of VMware’s new Partner Connect programme is a major leap forward in how VMware works with partners.

But what does all the revamping and restructuring mean for partners? And how much simpler will it really be?


1.      Better accessibility

The first thing partners will notice is that the entire framework is much simpler and more accessible than the old VMware Partner Network programme. VMware readily admit that their previous programme was far too complicated and hope that by modernising and streamlining, Partner Connect will offer partners a more unified experience which takes into account their entire business relationship.

The great news for partners is that they’ll be able to spend more time and energy focusing on things that are important for their business, like planning a new investment strategy and deciding if they want to expand into other areas for future growth.

2.      More options

Partner Connect also aligns to partner’s unique business needs and preferences. This is a clear improvement and one which most partners will welcome. Everything is geared towards providing flexibility and greater choice – giving back control to partners, so they can choose how to invest in areas that will satisfy their customer’s need to scale and be successful.

VMware’s ultimate goal is to give partners the chance to excel at what they do best, whatever area they choose to specialise in, so they’ll be able to deliver a better experience and outcome for customers – meaning it’s a win/win situation all round!  

3.      Easier tiering

Wherever a partner is placed in the new tiering system, the decision of which VMware Solution Competencies they want to achieve, will be entirely their own choice. There’s no obligation to choose anything other than the competencies and learning path that they feel is the best one for their business and customers.

This whole approach is a complete reimagining of how VMware works with partners. It fosters a better business relationship built on mutual trust and a shared goal of wanting to constantly improve, to keep up with the ever evolving needs and demands of their customers

What about incentives?

The single biggest incentive for partners is the new Master Services Competency awards. Once you can show mastery across different strategic IT priorities, it unlocks a whole wealth of rewards and exclusive benefits, ranging from co-selling opportunities to deployment and consumption incentives.

Ultimately, Partner Connect is designed to benefit everyone involved – VMware, partners and customers, and like most things in life, the more effort everyone puts into it, the more rewards everyone gains in the future.