10 Most Innovative Microsoft Partners Companies to Watch in 2024

Welcome to our special edition of CIOInsights, where we delve into the dynamic world of Microsoft Partnerships. In this edition of CIOInsights, we turn our focus to the invaluable contributions of Microsoft Partners in shaping the digital landscape of modern enterprises. As businesses increasingly look to harness the power of technology to drive innovation and achieve strategic objectives, the role of Microsoft Partners has become more pivotal than ever before.

Through a combination of in-depth interviews, case studies, and expert analysis, we explore how Microsoft Partners are at the forefront of driving digital transformation initiatives across industries. From implementing cloud solutions to deploying cutting-edge AI technologies, these partners exemplify the collaborative spirit and technical expertise necessary to address the evolving needs of today's businesses.

As trusted advisors and solution providers, Microsoft Partners play a crucial role in helping organizations navigate the complexities of the digital age. Whether it's optimizing operations, enhancing customer experiences, or unlocking new revenue streams, these partners leverage their deep understanding of Microsoft's ecosystem to deliver innovative solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each client.

Join us as we spotlight the success stories, innovative strategies, and industry insights of Microsoft Partners, and discover how their partnership with Microsoft is driving tangible business outcomes and fostering a culture of innovation in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

We hope you find inspiration and actionable insights within these pages as we embark on this journey together, exploring the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

3 Cloud

Mike Rocco - CEO

3Cloud is the #1 Microsoft Azure partner. No other partner combines 3Cloud’s expertise in Azure with a deep understanding of infrastructure, data and analytics and app innovation. We have proven our impact and are trusted with client’s most complex business problems.


Chip Register - CEO

Argano is the world’s largest global digital consultancy exclusively connecting design and delivery for the transformation of high-performance business operations, extending our clients’ commercial agility, profitability, customer experience, and growth.


Rifad Abdul Samad -CEO
Aufait is an IT services company that helps organizations adopt disruptive technologies such as Enterprise 2.0, Mobility and Cloud.
As a Microsoft Gold Partner with Portals and Collaboration competency and Yammer affiliate, Aufait offers solutions such as Intranet/Internet Portals, Document Management Solutions (DMS) and Workflow/BPM solutions around SharePoint and Office technologies.

Cloud & Content

Geoff Kneen - CEO

We deliver secure technology solutions, services, and support with a particular focus on Microsoft 365, Azure, and Dynamics 365. Our aim is to help your organization achieve tangible benefits, whilst improving the experience and effectiveness of your people at work.

Cosmo Consult

Uwe Bergmann - CEO

the COSMO CONSULT Group, founded in 1996, is one of the world's leading providers of Microsoft-based industry and end-to-end business solutions. A comprehensive portfolio of products and consulting services enables the software and consulting company to seamlessly map complex business processes, regardless of the industry.

Dean Dorton

David Bundy - President & CEO

Dean Dorton provides an integrated suite of audit, tax, business management, consulting, and technology solutions. The firm helps clients strategize, adapt, and change in every stage of business, from startup to growth and proper succession planning. Dean Dorton emphasizes smart technology, leading a cloud revolution of financial, operational, and compliance tools that are transforming the way companies do business.


Jeff Schmidt - CEO

Over the past two decades, ECI has emerged as the premier provider of managed services and technology solutions, across cloud, digital, and cybersecurity, to the investment management industry. To date, we have helped more than 1000 global clients, from financial hedge funds and private equity entities to asset management companies, to activate their full potential through technology, a consultative approach, and a relentlessly innovative spirit.


Dmitry Loschinin - CEO

Luxoft offers the global corporate and retail banks big quality technology solutions and assistance that help daily tactical activities and long-term important planning. It is performed to the implementation of regular practices in banking and to the continuous improvement of solutions in accordance with a growing business and regulatory climate.

One Neck

Ted Wiessing - CEO

OneNeck IT Solutions specializes in multi-cloud solutions, combined with managed services, professional IT services, hardware and local connectivity via top-tier data centers in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Oregon and Wisconsin. OneNeck's team of technology professionals deliver secure, modern platforms and applications for organizations embracing data-driven transformation and secure end-to-end solutions.



From software to websites, to IT services to owning and operating a Tier 3 data center and serving thousands of SMB and Enterprise clients in the Gulf South Region, digital business transformation is at the heart of what we do. With our team of top tier engineers, we are more than capable of taking our client's issues and challenges and turning them into their desired business outcomes.