10 Most Innovative Insurance Tech companies to Watch in 2022

2022 is here, bringing in new hope, direction, and seismic changes in the Insurance industry that are mainly tech-driven. While the overall market crashed in 2020, the value invested in insurance technology companies globally is rising today. In addition, the insurance industry is being driven by predictive analysis, big data, blockchain, and cybersecurity to improve efficiency and accuracy. As a result, dramatic changes are reshaping Insurtech, accelerating the industry. 

As per a report published in Statista, nearly 7.1bn USD value of the capital was invested in insurance companies in H1 2021 globally. In addition, cloud computing and storage, Robotic Process Automation, Digital Channels, Data Privacy, Distributed ledger technologies will see a rise in spending in 2022. As AI becomes deeply integrated with the industry, companies have started positioning themselves to respond to the dramatically changing scenarios and business landscapes. 

From sensor-enabled equipment to wearable data that could potentially report any damage to the carriers, cognitive technologies that are deeply rooted in learning and mimicking human behavior, Insurtech is set to grow by leaps and bounds in the years to come. To bring this change closer to every individual, the leading Insurance Tech companies of the world come together to share their insights, developments, and the changes that will shape the future of Insurance for generations to come. 

In this edition of CIOInsights, we bring you carefully curated strategies from some of the best minds in the Insurance Tech industry. From User-Based Insurance products to traditional purchase and renewal models, these companies have become synonymous with insurance products globally. The Thought-leaders, CIOs, and CXOs in this edition share their crucial insights around Insurance technology and how it will impact us in the long run. We hope you enjoy reading this edition and find the Insurtech partner best suited to your requirement. 

4impact Group

John Ryan - CEO

Founded in 2005 with the vision to change the way project services are delivered in the Australian and New Zealand market, 4impact has an innovative team who use agile methods, a DevOps philosophy, automation skills whilst providing a pragmatic and transparent approach to provide Consulting Services, Project Delivery and Managed Services capabilities.


Bobby Billman - CEO

AgencyKPI is an Insurtech company in Austin, TX that provides a business intelligence platform for insurance networks, independent insurance agencies, and insurance carriers and wholesalers. AgencyKPI created the first platform for collaborative planning, operational efficiencies and benchmarking in the insurance industry.

Agero, Inc.

David Ferrick - CEO

Agero is working with leading vehicle manufacturers and insurance carriers to drive the next generation of roadside assistance technology forward. An established industry leader, we’re putting technology front and center in our transformative digital roadside platform powered by SF-based Swoop, our comprehensive accident management services, our knowledgeable consumer affairs and connected vehicle capabilities, at our three state-of-the-art contact centers, and beyond.

BOXX Insurance Inc.

Vishal Kundi - Founder and CEO.

Since 2018, amidst booming digitalization, BOXX Insurance has landed its wheels on track with a promise to make Cyber Protection & Insurance smarter and simpler. BOXX is a specialist cyber insurance company helping the world’s small & medium businesses, and all connected households, become digitally resilient.

Clear Cover Insurance

Kyle Nakatsuji - CEO

Clear Cover offer affordable car insurance that’s smarter, faster and puts your needs above all else, helping you make informed decisions every step of the way. We help you save money while delivering the industry’s fastest claims, easy payments, and exceptional services.

Flume Health

Cédric Kovacs-Johnson - CEO and Founder

Flume is the first digital platform for health plan administration, replacing traditional TPAs and empowering challenger and incumbent healthcare companies to design and launch powerful next generation, personalized health plans.

Insured Nomads

Andrew Jernigan - CEO

Insured Nomads is deploying the preeminent insurtech and travel tech platform empowering remote workers, ex-pats, location independent, and adventure travelers to safely & intelligently live, work and play anywhere around the world. An unprecedented combination of insurance and technology provides protection beyond benefits for those beyond borders.

Neptune Flood Insurance

Trevor Burgess - CEO
Neptune Flood was founded in 2016 by insurance and technology industry veterans and is led by CEO Trevor Burgess, with a goal of bringing advanced analytics and extreme ease of use to the flood insurance market.


Brian Whorley - Founder and CEO

Founded in 2018, Paytient has raised $50 million from CoVenture and $7M from Inspired Capital, Lightbank, BoxGroup, Cultivation Capital, Crossbeam, and Lachy Groom Fund to fuel our mission and help employers, payors, providers, and patients better afford the status quo.

Pie Insurance

Dax Craig - Co-founder, and President

Pie provides workers’ comp insurance directly to small businesses. We also partner with local, regional, and national insurance agencies to provide coverage to their clients. Pie has redesigned the insurance experience from quote to claim. Now, busy small business owners can get a quote in three minutes and get back to business.